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You've got a brilliant idea here with the WHOOKOS set but I feel as if it needs some refining. The brilliant thing here is the idea of what school would be like if you could handle bullies like that, if you could skip class like that and if you could have been as awesome like that. But it's the execution that I felt that let you down.
1) The voice acting needed some extra LIFE in it. Thats not to say it aint good, it just needs to be more exciting like (please excuse me) Rina Chan or even Egoraptor. If you could get the voices right then it would be well on the way to being brilliant
2) Next is the storyline. It was a good concept but felt like it trudged along whining "do we HAVE TO" . Don't make me feel like I have to force myself to watch the whole thing.

Okay that was the bad. NOW TO THE GOOD!
1) The jokes were well done and were well refined. I actually lol'd many times. Instead of the "hur dur DICK ASS" kind of jokes of many other artists, you passed these on your 'joke motorbike' screaming FUCK YOU and then throwing several witty remarks from an air cannon bought from a shady character across the road.
2) Good animation. 'Nuff said

WELL DONE. Lets see if the next few are even better that this one!


It was great UNTIL you made the poop joke. couldn't you have made him grow pubic hair or something equally disgusting instead of poop? so yes. good

on your comment...

you say your glorious vision can never come to pass. BUT! IT DID in a way :P shattered kevin rudd :D well done on a fantastic animation!

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Itz not the game, its newgrounds itself

But i'm still giving it a 7 as its not very in depth. BUT GOOD FUN NONE-THE-LESS.
And i did get the grey screen (of deeeeeath) but its happened to me on other things on newgrounds so no deduction for that.


From plying through only the first room (and dieing in the process) it seems like you spent all of your time on the graphics, which were great, but nothing on gameplay. If the enemies were less in the first level and the rat things were easier to kill, I would have given a higher score.

Torrunt responds:

We didn't have that much time to test+tinker with the gameplay but the first level can be very easy once you figure out a good technique. To beat the 'rat's (worms) just jump up somewhere high, to beat the respawning enemies, lure them away and rush back to destroy their door while they slowly make their way back or just simply jump up and down to dodge their lasers as you shoot their door.

From what I've read i think the game just doesn't have a very good learning curve, i might make the first level easier to help ease people in. Thanks for the review!

was good :P

It was fun, for the first 3 minutes. After playing throguh a few times it got really monotonous and ended up feeling like that turtle game that was on the frontpage for ages. It ran a bit slow (probs because of my shitty mac) but the graphics were really good nonetheless.

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Give me the sheet music!

I like this song so much I want you to give me the sheet music! PLZ pm me the sheet music!


This was really well done but maybe you could put some characters dancing or fighting or some thing, that would make it even better!

Khuskan responds:

This... is music. There is no visual element.


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